"EPOZID BG VARNA" LTD works with orders mainly, manufacturing non-standard metal products for the following companies:


  1. MTG-DELFIN AD, Varna / Ship repair and shipbuilding plant /


  • Manufacture and assembly of pipes, elbows, tees, dock flanges for ship dumpers: page 802


  1. ZSK DEVNYA AD, Devnya / factory for reinforced concrete structures /


  • Manufacture of all sizes of molds for rings, shutters, floors for steel concrete inspection shafts.
  • Manufacture of augers, hoists, formwork forms
  • Cranes Repair


KZU AD; Sofia / Control Welding Devices Plant /

TRELLEBORG MARINE SYSTEMS, / Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia /


  • Manufacture of metal products: pontoon systems, fenders, grids for ports


  1. Bulyard KI EAD, Varna / Shipbuilding and Ship Repairer Plant /


  • Hull work
  • Hull locksmith’s work
  • Ship Repair activity


  1. Aurubis Bulgaria AD, town of Pirdop / Copper Processing Plant /


  • Repair of capsule convective part of boiler-utilizer
  • Major repair of an electrolysis workshop
  • Manufacture of all metal structures and electrodes
  • Manufacture and replacement of roof over radial part of Ship System


  1. Kaolin AD Senovo / Ceramic and Glass Plant /
  • Shells, change of bandage and repair of furnace
  • Receivers, tanks, drying drum springs
  • Repair of drying drums


  1. Italcimenti Group Italy - Devnya Cement AD, Devnya / Cement, inert materials and concrete Plant/
  • Manufacture of shells / metal cylinders for furnace heads/
  • Manufacture of sub-band rings
  • Anchors, plates, baskets and other furnace products
  • Repair and welding of furnace cracks


  1. Agropolychim Devnya AD, Devnya /Nitrogen and Phosphorous Fertilizers Plant/


  • Manufacture of stainless steel tanks for sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid, vacuum and air receivers, etc.
  • Construction, installation and dismantling of steam and condensate pipelines - Du 600, Du 900
  • Manufacture, supply and installation of pressure vessels for TSP, SIO workshops
  • Manufacture of tanks for sulfuric acid for TSP workshops
  1. Black Sea Technology Company AD, Varna / Gas Distribution Company /


  • Varna Pro AD - air receivers of 10 m3
  • Regular manufacture of metal wiring products for cargo ships.


  1. Montazhi Varna AD, Varna / Company for underground and above ground industrial construction /


  • Water towers, Ø 5000 and Ø 10000 Cones, metal pre-fabricated products, etc.
  • Manufacture of water cycle supports, receivers, bending pipes, flow pipes, etc.


  1. Devnya Sugar Factory EAD, Devnya / Sugar Products and Sweets Factory /


  • Dismantling, installation and construction of 2000 m steam and condensate pipeline
  • Complete repair of vacuum evaporators
  • Manufacture and installation of silos for decontaminated solvents


  1. Seni Ltd., Varna / Shipping Systems and Mechanisms Repair Company /


  • Manufacture of hatches, canisters, necks and tanks for ships


  1. Transit Trade Zone Varna


  • Construction of “Pontos” Yacht Port and the first marine gas station in Varna
  • Manufacture of warehouses of 1000 m2
  1. Mayak-KM AD, Novi Pazar / Metallurgy and Metal Products Company/
  • Manufacture of cones for Rolls Royce ships for undercarriages – constant manufacture of 80 pcs per month
  1. Projecto Bulgaria AD, Varna / Metal Products and Constructions Manufacturing Company /
  • Manufacture of platforms, landings and ladders / straight and winding / for floating oil platforms in Yemen
  • Manufacture of metal structures for floating cranes under the LINDE Project and for SANDWIK Norway - constant manufacture
  1. "Xella Bulgaria" - Dobrich / Ytong Plant /
  • Manufacture and installation of 59 m3 turbid water tanks
  • Manufacture of 120 m3 steam battery
  • Manufacture of: 60 m 3 sludges and condensate vessels, mixing tanks, water tanks (for St. Petersburg)
  • Building of crane tracks
  1. Terem - Dockyard Fleet Arsenal Varna, Varna / Plant, Founder of the International Shipbuilders and Ship-Repair Association for the Black Sea Region/
  2. Baran Engineering – Cranes installation.
  • Manufacture of air receivers, boilers, hydrophores
  • Hull-welding repairs