"Epozid BG Varna" Ltd. performs manufacturing activity using private or clients materials. The manufacturing activity can be distributed in the following directions:


  1. Manufacture and installation of all kinds of metal constructions for manufacturing and other halls.
  2. Manufacture of sheeting pipes:


D min = 330 mm, b = 3 mm;

D max = 4500 mm, b = 45 mm.

  1. Any type and volume of tanks for water, acids, petroleum products, chemicals, salts, etc. - of black and stainless steel.
  2. Shipbuilding and construction of all kinds of floating structures; Ship repair and ship reconstruction:

-Manufacture and installation of machinery foundations.

-Manufacture and installation of machine room ventilation.

-Manufacture and installation of main engine exit flues, auxiliary boiler, diesel generator.

-Manufacture and installation of foundations for anchoring moorings.

-Manufacture and installation of foundations, boating equipment, outboard ladders, pilot ladders.

-Manufacture and installation of platforms and engine rooms and open decks ladders.

-Installation and welding of gas gauges, ship name and number.

-Installation and welding of foundry fencing.

-Manufacture and installation of masts (stern, nasal).

- Installation and welding of hatch covers.

- Saturation of barns (stairs, platforms and reinforcement).


  1. Silos for inert materials, grain, etc. from the food industry.
  2. Containers for CO2, ammonia, isothermal tanks, gas turbines, towers.
  3. Chimneys, chimney flues, gas holes and flues, metal chimneys, spherical tanks and pipelines.
  4. "EPOZID BG VARNA" Ltd. manufactures, delivers on site and carries out assembly of railway and car tanks for ammonia, propane butane and other liquefied gases, sulfur and other acids storage tanks for transportation.
  5. Welding and restoration of worn parts for the ceramic, cement, automobile and other branches of the industry, as well as argon welding of aluminum and titanium. "EPOZID BG VARNA" Ltd. manufactures and carries out installation and assembly of the entire nomenclature of all kinds of shells, sub-bands, planks, brake shoes, anchors, etc, using private or clients materials.
  6. Manufacture and installation of any type of non-standard metal structures for production halls:


  • Sheds, awnings, roofing structures for residential and industrial buildings.
  1. Standard and non-standard metal equipment for ships, tankers, railway auto tanks /canisters, fuel tanks, dormers, stairs, staircases, receivers, heat exchangers, etc.
  2. Manufacture and installation by catalog and design of the client of all kinds of metal railings, fences, garage doors, etc., with or without electrostatic coating.
  3. Manufacture of emergency, fire-fighting and other type of ladders required by fire safety regulations.
  4. Manufacture and bending of all types of flow pipes, flanges, air ducts, climate control and industrial ventilation for hotels, restaurants, industrial and manufacturing enterprises.
  5. Manufacturing and installation by design of advertising panels, signs and billboards.
  6. Manufacturing by design of all types of equipment for livestock farms, slaughterhouses and other products used in the food industry, as well as equipment and lines for the wine-growing complexes, following certain projects.
  7. Cleaning, scraping, cladding and welding of cracks in furnaces, raw mills, etc.
  8. Manufacture of all types of fastenings and calibration.
  9. Bending of sheet material and all types of profiles, elbows, pipes, railways, cones, cyclones, etc.
  10. Cutting by Size:
  • Machine, Gas and Plasma


When completing a certain order we exercise continuous control over the manufacturing process:


The process includes:

  • manufacture planning;
  • preparatory manufacture work;
  • manufacturing processes from the start of the product processing to its final completion and installation or repair work;
  • validation of processes whose outputs cannot be verified by ex-post control;
  • identification and traceability throughout the whole process of product processing and installation;
  • customer property protection provided for use in or for the product;
  • product safety compliance during internal operations, pre-shipment operations and customer delivery / installation.


Welding related technologies:

  • Welding Control;
  • Inconsistencies checks and tests during welding processes;
  • TIG welding;
  • Welding in a protective gas environment with a melting electrode (LAG / MAG);
  • Manual arc welding (EDES);
  • Welding of titanium and titanium alloys;
  • Welding of cast iron;
  • Welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys;

Company methodologies to protect product compliance:

  • Whitewash-petrol Testing;
  • Thickness Test;
  • Water Tank Testing;
  • Inspection by technical means of observation and measurement (TSIs) - Working rolls; Callipers; Micrometers;
  • Welding Machine Measurement.